The Signature Collection


Six Stages: The Signature Collection




Stage 1: Brand Differentiation Framework

What’s your point of difference? Many businesses don’t position themselves and by not doing so, let others do it for them. It’s important to define and own your positioning so you can shape how your brand evolves. It’s about distinguishing your product or service from similar ones available in the market and then defining the competitive advantage of your offering. Why do this?To show how your brand intends to show up in the market and to show what your brand does best. 


Stage 2: Brand Archetype Toolkit

Think of the big brands you love. The reason you love them is because it feels like a two-way relationship where you feel valued. We’ll  discover your brand archetype (subliminal brand persona) and match your brand values, purpose and mission to connect with your core audience. We’ll then hone in on your brand expression and identify how its translating visually. From there we’ll create a compelling brand story that taps into the motivations of your core audience and then we’ll conceptualise a messaging and brand tone of voice guide to keep your brand consistent.  

Stage 3: Brand Awareness Planner

We’ll then chart your brand awareness journey with an interactive workshop for you and your team to boost brand awareness covering the following key areas: publicity, stakeholder engagement, profile building, outreach, partnerships and sponsorships. 

The Brand Strategy Suite

Brand Differentiation Framework

Features and benefits audit, competitor analysis, positioning strategy and statement, audience insights, brand touchpoints overview and brand consistency guidelines. 

Brand Archetype toolkit

Brand archetype discovery, audience mapping, brand values compass, brand purpose outline, brand vision statement, brand expression audit,  brand story development, brand messaging guide, and brand tone of voice model. 

Brand Awareness Planner

An interactive planning session with you or your team to boost brand awareness covering the following key areas: publicity, stakeholder engagement, profile building, outreach, partnerships and sponsorships. 

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Stage 4: Content Strategy Framework

Is your content performing for your business? We believe content should have a functional role in business. In stage four, we’ll carry out a content audit to see what is and isn’t performing. We’ll investigate your audience and determine whether your content can work harder for them. Then we’ll determine how you can create addressable audiences so that you can change behaviour with the content you create and build an audience base that becomes an asset for your business. 




Stage 5: Brand Storytelling Guide

We’ll then move towards creating a bespoke content operating model. This will shape the functional role content plays across every aspect of your business. This integrated approach will focus on adding value by conceptualising content experiences. From this, we’ll recommend tangible content formats that will become brand assets.  


Stage 6: Content Creation Suite 

The final stage will be the content creation stage. Using the strategic content pillars we’ve put in place, we’ll create a suite of content to accelerate your content with purpose journey.




The Content Strategy Suite

Content Strategy Framework

Content performance review, content purpose outline, addressable audience strategy,content operating model, content product guide.

Brand Storytelling Guide

Content operating model, repurposing guide, storymapping guide, focus & formats outline, experiences, partnerships & collaboration solutions, content planner and measurement guide.

Content Creation Suite

X 3 pieces of  copywriting. Choose from: blog/copy for newsletter/feature interview/case study/testimonials/copy for infographic/GIF.  Alternative content formats possible with creative direction from whathappensnext.


1 Plenty of insight and strategic thinking

2 Genuine expertise, backed by real experience

3 A brand advocate

4 Plenty of communication (it works both ways)
5 No time wasting, forget death by paperwork
6 Genuine, honest feedback
7 A respectful partnership

Content Creation

Alternative content formats possible with creative direction from whathappensnext.

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