The Signature Collection





The Signature Collection is a premium brand and content framework for emerging, high growth  businesses striving to be more than another  product or service on the market.  If you’re ready to develop a brand with substance, then this is for you. Exclusively designed by whathappensnext, The Signature Collection includes The Brand Strategy Suite and The Content Strategy Suite.

Open only to a select group of clients,  at any given time, The Signature Collection is immersive, intentional and intuitive. After a four-month period, your business will have a strategic framework in place combined with practical tools and assets to evolve your brand on a long-term, sustained basis. The content framework component puts content structures in place so your content has a purposeful function in shaping your brand growth. Businesses also have the option to choose from The Brand Strategy Suite or The Content Strategy Suite for a shorter-term project option. 


The Signature Collection

The Brand Strategy Suite & The Content Strategy Suite


Do you want to future-proof your business from competitors and create a brand with equity?

The most successful businesses stay the course by actively shaping their brand. Today, more than ever, consumers want relationships with brands they believe in. They choose brands with clear values, purpose and those with the potential to add value to their lives.  They want to know why you do what you do.

You don’t need to have the budget of Nike or Apple to create a compelling brand- they were once emerging businesses too. Are you ready to create a brand that will work for your business?


The Brand Strategy Suite is a strategic and hyper targeted framework designed to do just that.


Are you spending time and money on content but seeing very little return?

Purposeful content has a strategic role to play in business. It builds trust, creates value and experiences for audiences,  shapes behaviour, enhances lead generation, drives brand growth, secures sales, engenders retention, fosters loyalty and forms brand advocates.

Many businesses pump out content because it’s something they think they should do. It’s very often done on an ad-hoc basis and serves no real function to the wider business model. Content should be effective.

It’s time to end the cycle of creating content for the sake of creating content. Welcome to The Content Strategy Suite.


                                   Brand Mentorship


Strategic short-burst brand mentorship

Virtual face-to-face consultation

The chance to scope and strategise new opportunities for your brand

Personalised, interactive and practical

Follow up notes, tips and actions to execute

Suitable for you if:

– You need some direction or strategic input

– You’re about to embark on a new direction and need expertise on how to go about it

– You want immediate insights and strategic thinking for your brand

– You want an interactive learning session to give you and your brand a boost

– You need some support and objectivity to talk through your brand plans




Strategic longer-term brand mentorship 

A customised, interactive brand learning mentorship programme tailored to your business

Guaranteed one-to-one attention to guide and direct you in shaping your brand 

Feedback, guidance and actions to execute

The choice to cover key areas in brand and content strategy such as the following:

– Brand Strategy Framework

– Brand Story & Development

– Brand Positioning & Differentiation

– Brand Audience & Community Building

– Brand Personality

– Content Ideation & Pillars



“Focused, direct and dynamic are three words that come to mind having competed the brand consultation with whathappensnext. Leona covered a lot of ground within a limited timescale and offered thought-provoking insights into brand positioning, persona and values, as well as brand design and strategy.”

Claire Ryan

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