Public Relations Workshop


Public Relations Workshop

What you’ll get:

● Two personalised workshops focusing on building brand awareness through public relations

● Key areas: Brand values and messaging defined, content pillars, PR planning, editorial strategy, press release crafting, editorial strategy, 2-4 hooks and angles, pitch development and media/influencer outreach 

● Minimum X 6 hours of Leona McDaid strategising and working with you to amplify your brand through public relations 

● Post workshop notes with actionable items, tips and guidance

How does it work?

● Once you sign up, we’ll be in touch to confirm dates and times for your workshops and to send a questionnaire to you
● Read it, spend some time thinking about your brand, fill it out, and email it to a specified address
● We’ll then do some initial research on your brand and formulate thoughts
● You’ll then have your first virtual workshop with Brand Communications expert Leona McDaid
● whathappensnext’s Leona McDaid will work on notes and key actions for you to execute
● You’ll then have your second  virtual workshop to go through your work and to outline further actions
● You’ll then have two weeks to seek any further guidance, feedback or direction

Yes, Let’s do this!

● Book and complete payment

● You’ll receive an email of confirmation and the Q&A to fill out

● Strategising for your brand will commence