Why Invest in Your Personal Brand?

Leona McDaid

What qualifies me to help YOU build your personal brand?

As part of my varied career in brand communications, I’ve worked with many business owners, future leaders, creatives, organisation heads, and managers to build their personal brands.

Here are some examples:

Corporate client

Corporate client: raised her profile as a changemaker and strategist, secured widespread media coverage as key spokesperson in her area, now seen as a leader in her field and heads up a major Government organisation.

Creative client

Creative client: worked closely with her to shape her personal brand to drive interest in her business. Now an award winning thought leader in the business of design, has a regular broadcast slot on a national TV lifestyle show and is a highly sought after podcast guest.

Start-Up client

Start-Up client: worked closely with the CEO to build her brand and her company. Selected as a future leader in tech by a well acclaimed tech event, MC’d a suite of events and aligned with major brands.

Why should you invest in your personal brand?

Whether you’re an employee, a future leader or business owner, investing in your personal brand is a long-term investment in your future.

Here are some of the main benefits:


Begin to attract your ideal clients, prospects, job opportunities or partnerships
– Secure leadership opportunities
– Build trust and gain credibility
– Have a perceived higher value within and outside your business, organisation or start-up
– Be associated with a market niche you’re passionate about
– Shape how others see you on your terms by shaping your brand story


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