Archetypes in Brand Storytelling


Did you know that we use archetypes to help shape the brands we work with?

The above mock-up is a sneak peek into how a Sage archetype could be visually translated by author and stylist Annmarie O’ Connor in our Brand You: Personal Branding & Virtual Styling Workshop. However, many nuances will come into play when identifying your archetype as our workshop is highly personalised and interactive.

But what are archetypes?

Identified by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, archetypes are the “unseen” stories, symbols, characteristics, signs and symbols that transcend culture, language or location. The collective unconscious that exists between the emotive and cognitive.

There are 12 fundamental archetypes; the Caregiver, Citizen, Creator, Explorer, Hero, Innocent, Jester, Lover, Magician, Rebel, Sage and Ruler.
There are up to 60 archetype variations that fall within the core archetype family.

Why use archetypes?

Archetypes are powerful tools to create meaning, discover values and purpose, fine-tune differentiation, craft story and connect with an audience on an emotive, human level.

95% of purchases are driven by unconscious motivations.Brands that use a strong archetypal identity increase their asset evaluation by 66%.

By being more human, brands can build long-term relationships and shift the audience to community.

Consider how they could work for the following:

Personal Brand: Is your voice consistent? Do people know what you stand for? What is your point of difference?

Business: Do you have a business OR a brand? Yes, people may know the features and benefits of your product or service. They may even know what your unique value proposition or positioning statement is. But do you have a brand that has real meaning? Are you truly adding value?

Corporate Culture: Do you attract brilliant talented people because they have a clear understanding of what you stand for? Are your employees engaged and proud to be part of your journey because there is a collective sense of purpose?

Archetypes create lasting connections.