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We do things differently

whathappensnext is a strategic brand communications consultancy with a difference. We help people shape their narrative and work with businesses to become brands. We use strategic storytelling and creativity, working in partnership with innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders to build brands they can be proud of. We do this through our brand and content strategy framework, story studio, mentorship and one-off workshops.

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Why whathappensnext?


Founder Leona McDaid has a unique set of brand communication skills cultivated through a passion-driven, non-linear career route.

She has worked as a journalist, political editor, PR director, brand communications director, content specialist, lecturer and creative communications entrepreneur. While doing so, she has worked with leading international and national B2B and B2C brands, designers, start-ups and scaling brands . She has also worked in print and online publishing. 

She is a passionate advocate and strategist who cares deeply about the success of the co-creators and innovators she works with. She established whathappensnext to democratise brand communications so that any business can think, act and become a brand.


We are…


We believe in being completely transparent and open with the people we work with. If something is not worth doing, we’ll let you know. Everything we do has to have a clear purpose.


We believe that the best outcomes come from true collaboration. We work with people that  strive to thrive. We are positive thinkers and doers.


We believe in the power of creativity and that everyone can be creative. We will work with you to apply creativity to everything you do.



Like every good brand, we believe in consistency. For us this means showing up, being reliable, trustworthy and being authentic.


We are advocates. We aim to empower people so that they have the know-how to continue their brand communications journey on a long-term, sustained basis.


We get a high from seeing clients succeed. Our passion means we rarely switch off and are on the constant hunt for new opportunities for our clients.


1 Plenty of insight and strategic thinking

2 Genuine expertise, backed by real experience

3 Mentorship

4 Plenty of communication
5 No time wasting
6 Direct, honest feedback
7 A respectful partnership

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